“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”                                                                                                                               – Yogi Berra

Are you leaving you and your family unprotected?


     55% of Americans 35 years and older do not have a will and another 10-15% have outdated documents which often lead to unintended, lamentable consequences.  Schwartz Legacy Law is about ensuring your needs are met as well as providing for your spouse, children, and your other important interests.

     Our firm represents individuals of all asset levels. Regardless of the “level” of your holdings, we all have some legacy to pass on. It is our goal is to give clients peace of mind by crafting efficient and flexible plans. Plans that meet emotional and spiritual needs while addressing personal challenges. Whether one’s paramount concern is to minimize taxes, transfer wealth, preserve and protect assets, or the myriad of ways to plan for the future of a child, we have a novel approach.

     Our legal services are innovative to meet urgent needs that you likely do not realize you have. Perhaps you haven’t realized the need for a Digital Protection Plan. Consider how vast, invested and vulnerable your accounts, subscriptions, emails, documents and much more will be when you are no longer around. If you have minor children you need a Children’s Security Plan. It is a necessary tool to ensure that your guidance, care, and value system are imparted to them and support them as they transition from your loss and beyond.

     Of course, we also offer will drafting, family asset protection, estate and long-term care planning, preparing for need-based benefits (Medicaid), guardianships,  will contests and more…


What is standing in your way?


     If you are ready to address your future needs and those of your family, let’s meet to discuss your goals. Let’s evaluate your options in advance of your need. Let’s see where you want to go and ensure you get there. 

     To learn more and discover if our planning is right for you, set an initial consultation. When you call the office you’ll learn what to expect in our meeting. Soon after your call, you will receive additional information by mail in advance of our meeting. 


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