DIVORCE & Estate Planning Essentials –

Free legal advice live workshop (seats are limited)


Workshop for women of divorce. (but anyone is welcome)

FYI – If you don’t address your Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive, your ex may have control over your end of life care and even your money. FIX IT with this workshop.

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Are you, or is someone you know, getting divorced?
Have you, or has someone you know, gotten divorced?
I’ll provide important information about the effect of Pennsylvania law on wills, healthcare directives, financial powers of attorney, beneficiary designations and trusts both during and after a divorce.
Whether there are existing documents (will, healthcare directive, financial power of attorney) in place from the marriage or not, you will need this FREE information to ensure that your wishes are followed and your ex can’t make decisions about your estate or healthcare or finances, or receive assets from your estate, unless you say so.
– That once the divorce is filed some of the provisions in your will become nullified automatically. What should you do about that?
– Some provisions won’t be nullified, like who will make your healthcare and end of life decisions, you’ll definitely want to change that!
– Now that you are making decisions on YOUR new goals for YOUR assets, the guardianship of your children and your new health care agent, we will address how to best ensure your wishes are followed.



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