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Wills & Probate

Drawing up your legacy then seeing it through

       The framework of an estate plan includes a Will, Health Care Advance Directive, and Powers of Attorney. If you choose, it may also include Trusts, Family Asset Protection, Long Term Care Planning, a Personal Care Plan, a Care Taker Agreement, Deeds preserving your memories and leaving a legacy to be truly remembered. Your estate plan. No one is getting out of here without being affected by estate planning or the lack thereof. Sure, the provisions of the Will won't affect your life, but the Advance Health Care Directive, the Financial Power of Attorney and the long-term care planning most assuredly will. 

                                                                        IT MATTERS.

     Our process is not hard nor is it expensive. You choose your plan once we discuss what you  want to achieve. Each plan has a flat rate. Then, in about a month your plan is ready to sign. All you have to do is initiate the process.

     Our purpose is to design comprehensive estate plans for individuals of all asset levels, which may include techniques to minimize death taxes, trusts to protect minors, planning techniques to assist blended families, methods to ease and reduce the cost of the probate process, and preserving family harmony. The failure to pay careful attention to family dynamics too often leads to a minefield of conflict even when intentions were honorable. Every good estate plan must consider how best to avoid family discord.


     And then, when that time comes we are often called upon to carry out clients' wishes through the probate (or estate administration) process.

     Probate is the legal process which acknowledges the validity of a Will, or where there is no Will, the state laws determine who and what the remaining family members and the government (through taxes and court fees) will receive from the estate. It includes generating an inventory of the decedent's property, resolving all debts and claims, and distribution of the decedent's estate. . 

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Long-Term Care Planning

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